About us

NoLimits! is a multi-platform video production and live streaming company based in Riga. We specialise in multi-camera production, live broadcasting, commercial and corporate video production and so much more. We make highly engaging films with high quality production value, using the latest in video and broadcasting technology so that you can best tell your story.
Live Streams
Event Filming & Streaming
Event filming and streaming is what we do every day and we’re confident we can help you connect with your audience. Live streaming allows your audience to access places and people they would never be able to experience otherwise.
Video Filming
More than 10 years behind the camera… Since 2010, we’ve been shooting video. Conferences, concerts, sports events, coorporate events, music videos, weddings and everything else - we've done it all! It’s time for you to see what the power of a video can do.
TV studios
There are so many benefits to having your own studio on or off site. From multi-purpose sets to fully integrated automated live show, we can provide custom studio solutions designed to meet specific production requirements of all scales. Is it portable or in-house TV studio, commentator set, custom built studio in your location, we can handle it!
Video Editing
After gathering the necessary footage on video, the edit truly makes the final product sparkle. The edit will properly communicate your message.
Aerial video and photo
Drones provide a unique perspective for capturing video and photos. Whatever the nature of your special event, aerial photos and videos can capture the moment in a way that will leave an unforgettable impression. Shooting in a live production or post-production, our team can handle it!
Full stage production
Everything from video, audio, lights, make-up, hosts, we've got everything You need!
We can provide everything you need to make a engaging conference for your company. Sound, projectors, LED screens, lights, cameras, live-stream and everything else.
Brīvības iela 155 k-7 Rīga, LV-1012
E-mail: video@nolimits.lv Phone: +371 20239599